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Home Health Care (HHC) agencies are at the forefront of providing in-home health support for at risk patients and in particular, helping those dealing with multiple chronic health concerns.

HHC providers are highly attuned to in-home treatment protocols. They have the closest and potentially most effective viewpoint of chronic health conditions, and a unique perspective on the value of expanded condition monitoring.

Recent developments in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology have added an attractive analogue for HHC providers, which can improve the health outcomes of their patients, as well as provide an opportunity for enhanced long-term revenue.

Aside from the potential incremental revenue, a major reason HHC agencies are beginning to adopt RPM on a broader basis include:

The proposed Remote Patient Monitoring program for Home Health Co. includes the following:

Monitoring Patients During Home Health Stay: 

Transition of Patient From Home Health to PCP:

Process Flow - Home Health Stay


Home Health Co. identifies patients that are eligible for Remote Patient Monitoring program.


Home Health Co. sends information to Soteria Health. Cellular Device(s) is shipped to patient’s home for set-up and training.


Data transmitted directly into the Soteria Health platform for Home Health Co.


Home Health Co. has daily, real-time access to important health indicators that relate to patient under their care.

Patient and PCP Enrollment in Program

As a further incentive, Occum Health will provide the HHC agency with a distribution allowance equal to the following:

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